My name is Jeanatte and I’m a mom of three and a competitive gamer going by the tag, MOSH. I currently play Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and Dragon Ball FighterZ, and have in the past played various Marvel, Guilty Gear and Vampire games. My gaming adventures can be followed on Twitter and YouTube.

I’ve always been an avid beauty blog reader and have had a few blogs in the past, however I’ve lacked direction in all. I've realized the more generalized my blog got, the more stressed I became and the less I desired to keep up with it. I decided to step back again, and here’s where I’m at. I’m back to my roots of having a nail polish blog.

I currently own close to 2000 individual bottles of nail polish and hope to get to swatch each one here. I'll be rehashing old swatches I've done, and will also share comparisons from my collection.

All photos posted are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

I'm a PR friendly blogger and would love to work with you! This is a nail polish blog, so I strictly will keep focus on manicure related products. If this fits you, send an email! I can't wait to hear from you!

Affiliate & Referral Links
Occasionally polishes that are swatched are still available for purchase and I try to link when applicable. Sometimes these links are affiliate links in which I can receive compensation per click. These links are notated with a * next to the link. Currently, referral links are not used. This may change in the future.

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